We help institutions to manage their business

Why Business Intelligence?

Any business needs to have meaningful and useful information about their operations for perfect strategic decision-making. The business intelligence uses data from various sources, such as legacy system or any data-warehouse. Pentaho is a complete BI platform on top of open source which is supported by the best hands in the open source community.

How we do?

Are you a small or mid-sized or enterprise business seeking to transform your raw data into significant functional information? Do you need a team of competent Data Warehouse(DWH) developers to help you providing cost-effective extraordinary business intelligence report and support?

At Ajatus Software, we are here to help you out. We are a professional team of Pentaho developers you are looking for, dedicated to helping businesses just like you. We can deliver high quality, high-performance business intelligence through reporting, monitoring and consultation.

As part of our Pentaho Development Services, the first step is really to understand your business objectives. Once business objectives are established, the assembling and designing stage begins, then on to the implementing, testing, and monitoring stages. We work with you every step of the way, empowering you with business intelligence strategies that provide a competitive market advantage.

Our Range of Pentaho Services


  • Integration of disparate data sources
  • ETL development
  • Kettle Pentaho Integrations Services
  • Pentaho Report Design and Development
  • Data Sources can be RDBMS, OLAP, XML and so on
  • RTF, Plain Text, Microsoft Excel reporting
  • Real time report publishing with Pentaho
  • Sending the report to dropbox
  • Pentaho Analysis
  • Application Integration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Trend month-on-month or year-on-year data for business analysis



Our Pentaho developer helps retailers who are continuously tested to manage their channels, stores, department, supply chain, financials, employees and customer associations. We help you maximize your profits delivering Pentaho solutions.


We use Pentaho model to enable SaaS providers with the capabilities to enable business users to instinctively analyze information, analytics and data to analyze the SaaS product usage and its measuring scalability using various probability methods.


We help institutions to manage their business with rising costs, population growth and changing supervisory demands. Using Pentaho platform we can deliver analytics solutions that is built intelligently to manager your financial and operational systems.


Our weblog experts help you to identify and analyze all the details to bring out informative information such as when, how and by whom a web server is visited. Reports & data stored in database for on-demand analysis.


Pentaho educational applications help you to put out all necessary analytics to make your educational environment more informative and instructive. Pentaho offers range of classroom and online big data training services to meet your necessities.


Managing fashion and apparel business necessities can be crucial each day as wide amount of data with data variations are involved. To make it easy for you we offer Pentaho solutions to administer, analyze, and make the business process easier.


Management Services

Monitoring and Administration Services for Any Infrastructure to Uninterrupted Business Flow

Why Cloud Management?

Cloud management is the incorporation of software and technologies to monitor the services and applications which are residing in the cloud. In order to make sure the applications and services are properly interacting with users, Cloud Management Services come into play. Every Small to Large scale enterprise is now updating their traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing. Remote system administration involves a great deal of performance monitoring, maintenance, security testing and disaster recovery.

How we do?

We provide cloud management and support service by highly experienced infrastructure experts. We provide proactive maintenance, monitoring, server support, backup and recovery services. Our remote system administrators can execute numerous tasks based on our customer’s needs and we work together through day-to-day interaction with our clients.



We offer Cloud Server Management as a service to Cloud Server Hosting which provides you with complete control of the virtual server. Giving you an option to choose your own operating system, software and hardware essentials.


Our server administrators assist you to find the exact setup that would work for your database seamlessly. We make it easy for you to deploy a server that is explicitly engineered for both enterprise databases and open source database servers.


We offer secured VPN Servers that allows to send and receive data without any lag. Virtual point-to-point connection through dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption that makes server data management easy.


Our Application Servers are built to handle everything between the users and organization’s backend business applications or databases with built-in redundancy, and support for complex database access.


Our core expertise with the most recognizable model of cloud computing – public cloud model. We help you structure a virtualized environment combined with high security level parameters creating a distinct cloud server platform for your business.


We specialize in version controlling for managing a collection of program code with version control locking and work-files. Our databases are built in a way so that you can recall specific versions later without worrying about the present variation.


Development Services

Delivering Websites and Shopping Carts to Take Your Business to Next Level

What We Offer

We are a complete eCommerce solutions provider with end-to-end offerings.

Design & Development

It’s affordable, & perfectly matches your budget & timeline.

Mobile Ready

All our eCommerce solutions come responsive to mobile devices.

Payments Integration

We also work with all the major payment integrations available

Our eCommerce Expertise

We efficiently deliver a range of eCommerce development services from customization to maintenance.

  • Product Management
  • Manage your products in a better way.
  • Vendor Management
  • The easiest way to manage your sellers.
  • Customer Management
  • Because there’s nothing more important.
  • Mobile Ready Store
  • As good on mobile devices as on the web.
  • Payments
  • Because money is important & we know it.
  • Responsive
  • Responsive to the smallest mobile size.
  • Shopping Cart
  • The best thing about an eCommerce site.
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • To let you announce your offers/sales.
  • Analytics
  • Super useful for the admin.
  • Security
  • We make sure everything’s safe & sound.
  • SEO Friendly
  • We make sure of it, for a quickstart.
  • 100% Customizable

It can be done just the way you need it.

Complete eCommerce Solutions

Our experienced group of folks offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions that give you a headstart in the market.


  • One Click Installation
  • Updating your website is as easy as it gets.
  • Latest Technologies
  • Only the latest technologies. Easy to customise.
  • Easy Navigation
  • We give special attention to UI/UX for the good.
  • Plugin Development
  • Have a specific need? We will make it happen.
  • Mobile eComm. Development
  • We also build intuitive mobile eComm apps.
  • Maintenance & Support

We help run your website smoothly always.


SaaS Application Development

Scalable and Functional SAAS App Development for Better Business Benefits

Technologies We Use to Develop

SaaS Application Platforms

We work with all the leading & popular technologies available. If you have an idea, we also help you choose a technology that suits best to your requirements.


The open source & rapid development framework


The markup language used to present contents on web

Ruby on Rails

A framework to create database-backed web apps


The open-source CMS based on PHP & MySQL


Business intelligence with data mining & more


Open source PHP web framework for web apps


Cross-platform js library to simplify HTML


Open source front end framework for web designing

End-to-End SaaS for Your Business Needs

From conceptualisation to development, deployment & maintenance… we do take care of everything to make sure your SaaS app does what it’s meant to.

SaaS Conceptualisation

Your ideas, our expertise & vision. It’s a win-win.

Deployment Strategy

We make sure your app is deployed correctly.

Platform Strategy

We help you plan as per the target platform.

User Experience Design

Our experienced UX team will suggest what’s best.

SaaS Architecture

Only the best-suited architecture, nothing less.

SaaS Design

Because you can’t compromise on this, whatsoever.


A stable foundation is absolutely necessary.

Quality Assurance

We only deliver apps after rigorous hours of testing.

Data Migration

We can also migrate your self-hosted apps to the cloud seamlessly.

Developing, Deploying & Managing Your SaaS Applications

We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) development outsourcing services for small, medium & enterprise level customers.

  • Development Tech PartnerIt’s always better to have an experienced team handling your app development. We provide exactly the same.
  • DeploymentNot just building, but launching your app successfully is important too. We help you deploy your app the best way possible.
  • ManagementPost-delivery maintenance & support are equally important as the release. We do help manage your apps post-release.

Benefits of SaaS Application Development

There are many reasons to go for SaaS app development with us. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • Multi-tenant ArchitectureOptimises the use of hardware, software & labour.
  • Easy Customization Everybody likes a personal touch. It’s easier here.
  • Easier Administration Managing a SaaS app is as easy as it gets. Super cool.
  • Auto updates it’s easy to release updates & fixes frequently.
  • Global accessibility because it’s on the cloud, everyone gets to use it.
  • Save CostsGoing for the cloud is always easy to the pockets.
  • Scalability & FlexibilityUpgrading your app on the cloud is super easy.
  • Go Mobile ReadyOur SaaS apps come responsive for mobile devices.



Our approach to collaboration with clients is a partnership. DevOps as a culture helps us to deliver top-notch quality both in the development process and teamwork, while implementing innovations and achieving business goals. As for DevOps tools, we’re constantly sharpening our skills in Docker, Jenkins, Circle CI, Sentry, Terraform, Ansible, Nagios and New Relic.


  • Infrastructure Design
  • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines
  • DevOps Assessment and Consulting
  • Scaling and Data Migration
  • Automated Deployment




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