The Building Travel app allows real estate agents to display real estate on a tablet and transfer the images directly to the TV panel for instant editing within the app. With a custom management console, administrators can easily update the apartment’s image, text information and status.


360-degree view of your building

Show amenities in the neighbourhood

Check property availability status

Image gallery and floor plan

Sort out items by various aspects

Compile brochure and email it to customers



We provide custom real estate management software for real estate agents, their customers, and partners. Our solutions help realtors to effectively manage their properties, empower sales and marketing activities, handle leasing & mortgage services. Each of our projects is tailored to the client’s unique needs, such as marketing automation, agent’s workflow management, meeting scheduling, invoicing, or document sharing.

Complete your tasks more effectively by arranging your activities into separate modules:

    • Apartments management
    • Leads
    • Clients
    • Reports
    • Documents
    • Activities
    • Appointments

    • Our solution allows real estate companies to promote the virtual demo of the properties among their potential customers even before demo units are done.
    • The customer gets very detailed 3D-view of rooms, receptions, gardens, swimming pool and other facilities. With a special scanning camera, we get the panoramic view by putting all images together to create a walk-through solution.
    • We also create added value services according to client’s requirements, such as real-time edit functionality for changing colors of floors or wallpapers, or real-life views from the balcony made by flycam.
    •   Intuitive, point-and-click floor plans
    •   Automatic 3D-visualization
    •  Integration with 3D-models libraries
    •   Real-time edit of the property
    • Large collection of colors to change
    • Export to TIFF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG including 360° Panorama images

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